04-Feb-2015 - Vertellus Specialties Inc.

Vertellus Completes Purchase of Dow's Sodium Borohydride Business

Vertellus closed on its previously announced  acquisition of The Dow Chemical Company’s Sodium Borohydride (“SBH”) business. 

The acquisition expands Vertellus’ life sciences business, adding new process aids and synthesis capabilities to the company’s asset structure.  With a state-of-art manufacturing facility located in Elma, Wash., the acquired SBH business is a manufacturer of sodium borohydride used in the synthesis of fine chemicals, including pharmaceutical ingredients and agrochemicals.  As a process aid used in the life sciences sector, sodium borohydride assists in the manufacture of a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients including high growth antiretrovirals for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

In addition to the expanded offering in life sciences, SBH adds to Vertellus’ portfolio of high-performance, specialty chemicals serving industrial markets. 

Remarking on the SBH acquisition, Vertellus CEO Rich Preziotti stated, “The integration of the SBH business into Vertellus’ asset structure enhances the size, scale and scope of our offerings in the high-growth synthesis segment, providing new tools to serve global pharma manufacturers’ needs.  We look forward to investing in additional research and development that further leverages our capabilities and capacity at this world-class manufacturing facility.”

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