09-Feb-2015 - Innovnano

Innovnano announces its certification to ISO 9001 standards

Dedicated to the development of nanostructured materials and advanced ceramics

Innovnano announced its certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to ISO 9001 standards. This accreditation demonstrates Innovnano’s commitment to producing the highest quality nanostructured ceramic powders and products, and highlights its support for the continuous progress in the development of advanced ceramic materials. ISO 9001 is a certified quality management system which recognises that Innovnano’s policies, practices and procedures translate into high quality products and production processes.

Commenting on the new certification, André de Albuquerque, CEO of Innovnano, said “We continue to support our customers through our corporate values of innovation, personal development and competence, providing superior nanostructured materials for a range of applications and industries. Through the independent certification of Innovnano by LRQA, our customers can be further assured of our continued commitment to the highest of standards and our dedication to business excellence.”

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