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Beckman Coulter strenghtens laboratory automation business

Acquires of acoustic liquid handling company


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences announced its acquisition of Labcyte, a privately held, acoustic liquid handling company based in San Jose, California.

Labcyte is best known for its Echo® acoustic droplet ejection technology, which uses sound waves to transfer tiny amounts of liquid with unequalled speed and accuracy. This technology - the centerpiece of Labcyte’s Echo Liquid Handlers - enables walkaway convenience and integration capabilities. Labcyte technology enables faster and more cost-effective laboratory workflows in applications such as drug discovery and genomics. 

“Labcyte’s unique product portfolio complements our existing liquid handling and laboratory automation business. It provides new opportunities to develop and enhance time-saving solutions for customer workflows,” said Jonathan Pratt, President, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “Labcyte and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences share a common vision of advancing science through discovery, enabling the faster discovery and development of life-changing advances in medicine. Together we will make a powerful team, and an invaluable resource for current and future customers around the world.”

“It has been an exciting journey—from developing acoustic liquid-dispensing technology in a garage to establishing a global presence, and now to be joining forces with a life sciences technology leader,” said Richard Ellson, CTO and a Founder of Labcyte. “Acoustic liquid handling is quickly becoming the backbone for high-throughput, automated workflows, and we look forward to accelerating growth and innovation as part of the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences team.”

Labcyte will transition into Beckman Coulter Life Sciences under the larger Danaher Life Sciences platform of companies, which generates approximately $6.5 billion in annual revenue.

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