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CHEMIE.DE’s Cutting Edge Company Directory

The most direct and fast way to find meaningful data about companies in chemistry, life sciences and analytics

More than 5 million users now count on the vast body of information available on the CHEMIE.DE science and industry internet portals. The extensive company directory, in particular, offers a fast and convenient way of finding information on more than 15,000 companies in chemistry, life sciences and analytics.

Its popularity has inspired CHEMIE.DE to further improve the company directory in terms of content and visual appearance. Europe's leading online information provider has once again focused its efforts on user-friendliness. The enhancements include faster result generation, clearer and more appealing presentation of results as well as significantly improved usability.

Main focus on user-friendliness

"More than 15 percent of our page views are for company-related information," says Dr Björn Lippold, Chief Content Officer at CHEMIE.DE, who is responsible for the development of the portals’ content. "Most other directories contain no more than a few basic facts about a company and are rarely optimized for user-friendliness. We believe users should be able to get as comprehensive a picture as possible of a company - and we want to make that as easy as possible for them," Lippold explains.

CHEMIE.DE achieved three main objectives through revamping its company directory:

  • Faster results: The clearly arranged subject tab structure helps the user to access the requested information quickly.
  • Visual elements: In addition to company information in writing, users can now also find corporate videos - a particularly convenient and vivid means to get an idea of a company. The image picture, tagline and logo also give a quick first impression of the company and for what it stands.
  • Improved usability: After performing a search to find the vendors of a product type, the clearly arranged product list lets a user find out fast whether your company offers the needed product. When planning an acquisition, for example, a user can gather relevant information about the available instruments of a certain kind, compare them and directly request quotations online.

"The Company Presentation on CHEMIE.DE’s science and industry portals is really unique with regards to the wealth of available information about companies and to user friendliness," Dr Björn Lippold asserts.

Use the navigation Companies & Institutitions/Companies to find the company directory.

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