21-Jul-2017 - LUM GmbH

LUM incorporates subsidiary in the Land of the rising sun

LUM Japan starts operative business

The Japanese subsidiary of Berlin based LUM GmbH was incorporated on 30 May 2017. Besides the founders Prof. Dr. D. Lerche (Managing Director LUM GmbH), Dr. S. Takeda (President Takeda Colloid Techno-Consulting Co., Ltd., Japan) and Mr. H. Miyajima (CEO MS Scientific Co., Ltd., Japan), top-ranking guests and co-operation partners honoured the ceremony of incorporation: Prof. Dr. M. Stintz (Chairperson of ISO TC 24 „Particle Characterization Including Sieving, Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology, Technical University of Dresden, GER), Dr. S. Endoh (Secretary of  ISO/TC24/SC4, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST, Japan), Dr. H. Kato (AIST), Mr. H. Kubota (President Nihon Rufuto, Co., Ltd., Japan), Dr. A. Nakahira (Professor Osaka Prefecture University, Japan) as well as representatives from the local Japanese distributor network.

The foundation of LUM Japan Co., Ltd. reflects the high importance of the Japanese market for current LUM products. It establishes the basis for a target-oriented, more intense communication with and assistance of the Japanese customers and a customer-focused market introduction of future products.
The shares of  LUM Japan are hold by  Prof. Lerche 80 %, Dr. Takeda and Mr. Miyajima each 10 %.
LUM Japan Co., Ltd. is situated in 4-11-3, Kuramae, Taitou-ku Tokyo.

Dr. Shin-ichi Takeda was appointed General Manager of LUM Japan. Being well recognized around the world for his research in the field of colloid science, he is well-known to the global LUM community as well for his scientific achievements on the determination of Hansen parameters by using the LUMiReader. Dr. Takeda has been working with Japanese LUM customers in public and company-internal events and trainings for many years.

Mr. Hideki Miyajima was established as Chief Operating Officer (COO), experienced in successfully introducing innovative analytical instrumentation, especially in the field of materials testing, into the Japanese market for a long time.

The further development of the sales network including the repeatedly awarded long-term partner Nihon Rufuto, Co. Ltd., and the efficient technical support of the Japanese customers by native speakers, trained at LUM Berlin, belong to the main tasks of the company. Scientific cooperation with universities as well as the support and commitment in promoting young researchers from universities and academic institutions all across the globe form substantial part of LUM’s philosophy, as numerous cooperation and sponsoring projects and the LUM Young Scientist Award prove. Now, there is a further increase of those activities in Japan. They will be directly coordinated by LUM Japan Co., Ltd.

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