ABB appoints new head of customer-centric eBusiness

Former President and CEO of SourceAlliance to tackle global strategy


ABB says today that it has appointed Greg Scheu to the company's top eBusiness position assigning him the task of expanding and implementing a customer-centric eBusiness strategy to lead collaborative commerce moving forward.

Buying and selling on the Internet is already an integrated part of the way we do business, says Jürgen Centerman, ABB's President and CEO. But creating real value for the customer lies beyond the transactional element of eBusiness. It means customizing information and creating networked communities that engage customers and suppliers in an unique dialogue with our company we call this collaborative commerce.

Centerman says Scheu, 39, has a wide base of experience in eBusiness strategy and implementation as the former President and CEO of SourceAlliance, an electrical products industry marketplace and eSolutions company located in the United States. Scheu was largely responsible for bringing some 400 manufacturers and 1,200 distributors together in a global, online business.

I'm incredibly excited to take this opportunity with ABB, says Scheu. The company is committed to implementing a customer-centric eBusiness strategy and already has some 30 percent of its standard products online. My role will be to take this to the next level by accelerating and growing the company's online presence and building collaborative commerce across the enterprise, making it even easier for customers to do business with ABB.

Scheu will report to Andrew Eriksson, Group Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee responsible for ABB Group Processes, and Jouko Karvinen, Group Executive Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee responsible for ABB Automation Technology Products.

ABB says several other members of the SourceAlliance team will also join the company and work alongside Scheu. They include: Charles Dougherty, formerly chief development officer at Source Alliance, and Tim Walsh, formerly vice president of finance at SourceAlliance.

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