Bayer: "myBayNet" for optimal information transfer


"myBayNet" is the name of Bayer´s new Intranet portal. Now, almost 100,000 Bayer employees worldwide can access and individually select internal and external news from a unified information platform. The aim is to optimize the information transfer within the corporation in order to improve business processes and strengthen customer orientation.

In May 2000, all Bayer workplace computers were given free access to the Internet. The new employee portal provides access through a unified system in more than 20 languages. The portal enables Bayer employees to set up their own website according to their individual information and service needs. While Bayer provides the internal content for "myBayNet," Yahoo! supplies news on politics and business. Thus the new portal combines the company Intranet and its internal information with the current news and research options of the World Wide Web.

For Bayer, Yahoo!, a market leader for information portals, is a strong partner with valued expertise in the implementation of Internet portals. In addition to proven methods of personalized access, the extensive supply of content, and the support of different browsers, Yahoo! also provides other tools to build, administer and maintain the employee portal.

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