07-Nov-2003 - Varian, Inc.

Varian, Inc. Introduces New HPLC Column for DNA Analysis System

Varian, Inc. introduced a new HPLC column for its Helix(TM) System, a fully automated tool for DNA mutation detection and SNP discovery based on the technique of DHPLC (Denaturing High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

Varian, Inc.'s new column uses patent-pending monolithic polymer technology to reduce scientists' per analysis costs by increasing column lifetimes. The column is also compatible with emerging applications in high temperature RNA separations. The new Helix column uses 50 percent less solvent than competing columns, and cuts buffer costs in half.

DHPLC has proven to be an important tool for biomolecular scientists involved in fundamental DNA research and in (genetics). By studying variations in the DNA sequence scientists have made significant advances in their understanding of the genetic basis of such diseases as breast cancer and colon cancer. Researchers use Varian's Helix System to determine if an individual possesses a specific DNA mutation of known significance or to find previously unknown mutations. This information provides researchers with valuable information about an individual's inherited risk of a disorder.

The Varian Helix System has played an important role in sample processing for the Colon Cancer Family Registry Consortium, a National Cancer Institute-funded international consortium dedicated to building a resource available for research into colorectal cancer.

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