LION bioscience Launches pathSCOUT™ Software for the Analysis and Understanding of Biological Pathways

LION bioscience AG today announced the release of pathSCOUT™ 1.0, the first commercially available application for the visualization and analysis of biological pathways. pathSCOUT™ and SCOUT™, which was also released today, are new modules for LION's integrated Life Science Informatics Platform which is being developed to shorten product development cycles in the Life Science industry. The first three pathSCOUT™ systems will be installed at Paradigm genetics, Nestlé and the Japanese Cancer Research Center. "Assigning proteins to metabolic and signal transduction pathways is a major goal during the process of target identification and validation. We are very pleased to be the first company on the market to offer an advanced pathway analysis software package to our customers," said Dr. Georg Casari, Senior Vice President of Life Science Informatics Research at LION bioscience. "This launch further underlines our strategy of facilitating and accelerating research by developing a network of communicating software modules, each of which addresses a critical process in the product development cycle of life science companies." pathSCOUT™ provides the visualization capabilities and analytical tools for an important class of proteomics data: Biological pathway assignments result from world-wide in-depth scientific investigations, many of which were fueled by the numerous genome sequencing efforts in recent years. Version 1.0 of pathSCOUT™ enables researchers to create interactive metabolic pathway graphs on the fly, to integrate proprietary metabolic pathways data with information from the public domain, and to make that combined information available to the entire organization. Furthermore, the application integrates with LION's enterprise software for Expression data analysis, arraySCOUT™, and with its new software for molecular network analysis, SCOUT™, which was also launched today. pathSCOUT™ 1.0 contains data on metabolic pathways from the well known KEGG* suite of databases which has been optimized by LION for use in the pathSCOUT™ system. A graphical representation of signal transduction data is currently under development.

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