12-Jul-2001 - Varian, Inc.

Varian Adds OmniSpher™ Preparative HPLC Columns For Drug Discovery

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq:VARI) today announced the development of a new column phase material that will help pharmaceutical manufacturers quickly and efficiently scale up the purification of experimental compounds through production quantities of active drug ingredients. The ultra-high purity silica phase material, OmniSpher™ 10 C18, is designed for preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). It is optimized for use with Varian's Dynamax preparative HPLC column technology.

Preparative chromatography is a separation technique used for purifying active ingredient pharmaceutical compounds and bio-molecules used in drug discovery and manufacture. Mixtures are injected through a column containing specially sized and shaped silica particles, known as stationary phase. The results of this process are recovered or purified compounds.

"Varian, Inc. is the only single-source supplier of total preparative chromatography solutions. These solutions range from stationary phases and column technology to a complete range of preparative chromatography systems - from flash through high-volume manufacture," said Garry Rogerson, senior vice president, Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "By ensuring that these elements work together seamlessly, Varian is helping pharmaceutical firms move promising compounds more quickly from lab bench and testing to production."

The technique is used in three different drug discovery and manufacturing steps: rapid or flash purification of experimental compounds during laboratory research; recovery of compounds in sufficient quantities for drug testing and clinical trials; and the high-volume purification of small organic molecules and bio-molecules for pharmaceutical manufacture. Generally speaking, the methods for preparative chromatography are first developed on analytical HPLC columns.

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