14-Sep-2004 - VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.

New Guideline: Emission Control - Hydrogen Chloride Production and Processing Plants

The guideline VDI 3451 deals with the formation, prevention, abatement and measurement of hydrogen chloride containing emissions, which arise from production and processing of gaseous and aqueous hydrochloric acid, furthermore processes are dealt with in which hydrogen chloride is a by-product.

In case that hydrogen chloride is the only pollutant, abatement by wet separators is in general trouble-free. Usually other components like chlorine, chloride-aerosols, particles and organic substances are present. Depending on the specific situation additional waste gas cleaning measures are necessary, e.g. wet separation with natron, aerosol precipitation, thermal after burning.

The specific technical solution is addicted to possible recycling of the used solvents. As far as it is economic, the recent aim is to regain hydrogen chloride as concentrated acid or as dry gas.

Furthermore the guideline includes a chapter about formation, measurement and control of diffuse and fugitive emissions.

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