14-Dec-2004 - Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Daicel to Build Cellulose Acetate Plant for LCD Film

Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. has established a plan to build a cellulose acetate facility for the production of film for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Along with the expansion of the LCD market, demand is rising sharply for cellulose acetate LCD film, and is expected to surge dramatically in future. To take full advantage of the opportunity offered by this expansion in the market, the Company has drafted a plan as shown below to set up facilities specializing in this product with a view to further strengthening its earnings base.

Based on the above plan, the Company is proceeding with preparations for the first stage in the construction of the cellulose acetate LCD film facilities, which is scheduled to start in December 2004 and be completed in December 2005. Further construction will be determined appropriately in consideration of trends in demand.

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