16-Jun-2005 - Great Lakes Chemical Corporation

Great Lakes Increases Prices for Clear Brine Fluids

Great Lakes Chemical Corporation announced it will increase list prices in all regions for calcium bromide, zinc bromide/calcium bromide solution, sodium bromide, sodium bromide dry and calcium bromide dry for shipments beginning July 1, 2005, or as contracts allow.

The new list prices per pound for these products (in bulk) ex-works will be: Calcium Bromide...$0.40/lb (increase of 24%), Zinc Bromide/Calcium Bromide Solution...$0.60 (increase of 11%), Sodium Bromide...$0.33 (increase of 16%), Sodium Bromide dry...$0.95 (increase of 11%) and Calcium Bromide dry...$0.80 (increase of 12%).

"The new pricing is necessary due to the rapidly increasing costs of key raw materials, energy and logistics during a period of tight bromine supply," stated Scott Baxter, Global Business Manager, Clear Brine Fluids. "This price increase allows Great Lakes to maintain a position as a reliable supplier of quality brominated clear brine fluids."

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