Reichhold Announces Off-List Price Increases on Solvent Based and Water Reducible Resins


Reichhold announced price increases for various solvent based and water reducible alkyd, polyester and urethane resins sold into the North American coatings market. Specific increases include all alkyd and polyester resins and Oil Modified Urethanes which will go up by $ 0.05 per pound. These increases are effective for the U.S. and Canada on all orders shipped on or after July 15, 2005.

"Reichhold has made substantial investments in technology and human resources over the past years in order to assure our customers a continuous stream of new and compliant technologies," said Rodney Biddle, Senior Vice President Global Coatings. "To continue these initiatives, Reichhold must return its core business to a minimum of reinvestment profitability. Both our customers and the industry need and depend on a healthy and sustainable supplier base."

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