28-Jul-2005 - Sigma-Aldrich Corp.

Sigma-Genosys Enters Agreement With Novatia

Sigma-Genosys, a division of Sigma-Aldrich has incorporated into its quality control (QC) lab an LC-MS system from Novatia. The system improves the molecular weight determination of larger synthetic oligonucleotides (>50 bases) as well as synthetic peptides. Novatia specializes in developing an integrated system encompassing hardware, software, method development and automated data analysis.

Traditionally, larger synthetic oligonucleotides are analyzed by capillary electrophoresis and by PAGE analysis. When molecular weight information is needed, MALDI-TOF mass analysis is carried out. Traditional MALDI-TOF MS analysis while rapid (<5 seconds per sample) and relatively simple, provides inadequate mass spectra data if any, for larger oligonucleotides. This is due primarily to poor ionization of the large oligonucleotides.

With the integrated Novatia LC-MS system, Sigma-Genosys is able to obtain high quality mass analysis of larger oligonucleotides. Traditional LC-MS techniques can be time consuming and not amenable to high throughput analysis.

The LC-MS system by Novatia along with their methods and their automated post-analysis software provides Sigma-Genosys with a high throughput (one sample per minute) LC-MS technique for the analyses of larger oligonucleotides. The well-integrated instrument and protocols developed by Novatia reduced the IOQ (installation/operating qualification) time to days from the weeks normally associated with high-technology analytical systems.

The Novatia system also provides Sigma-Genosys with the ability to obtain higher quality mass spectra data in a high throughput format. The improved resolution obtained by LC-MS provides more accurate molecular weight of the larger oligonucleotides. This allows detection of base substitutions as well as being able to determine the presence and identification of potential contaminates and base deletions.

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