09-Aug-2005 - Empils

Empils has appointed a new Industrial Coatings Business Development Director

Marat Gudanaev, who occupied a position of Empils' Logistics Director earlier, has been appointed Industrial Coatings Business Development Director.

New appointment is made while re-structuring business of the leading manufacturer of paint and varnish in the post-Soviet space. In June 2005 Empils has declared, that the company is going to concentrate on three key directions in its development: manufacture of decorative coatings, zinc oxide and industrial coatings. Thus, development of activity in the market of paint and varnish industrial consumers has got an equivalent priority in comparison with other sectors of the market in which the company takes dominating positions - 16% of the consumer market of decorative coatings and 50% of zinc oxide market. Until recently work with industrial consumers of coatings was in a shade of more productive directions. Thus, in the 1-st half-year of 2005 industrial coatings output has constituted only 2.3% of paint and varnish made by Empils.

Appointment of Marat Gudanaev, who brilliantly coped with a problem of effective logistics system creation during 1.5 years at the concern's enterprises, should stimulate the change of Empils' role in "b2b" sector. In the opinion of Empils' General Director Vyacheslav Beloborodov, "experience, investment potential and ambitions of the company oblige Empils to accomplish a breakthrough in this direction".

Marat Gudanaev has started forming Concern's business model in the industrial market, methods of work on which and the products themselves cardinally differ from involved and represented at the consumer "decorative" market. Empils has already had successful experience of development and introduction of highly specialized systems of coatings for railway transport, agricultural machine-building, oil and metallurgical complexes. However, according to Marat Gudanaev, the field of activity in creation of products necessary for technological processes of some enterprises and branches is so extensive, that Empils might require additional capacities exclusively intended for manufacture of industrial coatings. The special role will also belong to marketing and research centers of the Concern which have to be very flexible in presenting decisions for unique problems of industrial clients.

Marat Gudanaev was born in 1973 in Tyrnyauz. In 1996 he has graduated from Pyatigorsk linguistic university, linguistics specialty. In 2003 he has received MBA degree in the MSU Graduate School of Business Administration. From 1997 till December, 2003 he worked in Procter & Gamble where he dealt with distributor systems logistics in Eastern Europe. Since January, 2004 he was Logistics Director of ZAO Empils, since August 2004 till July, 2005 - Logistics Director of Empils.

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