Univar helps specialised coatings manufacturer Castellano reshape its product portfolio to eliminate 'risk provisions'


Univar N.V. continues to deliver technical service to industry customers assisting Castellano, a privately owned, Marseille-based French manufacturer of highly specialised marine and aviation paint systems, to overcome the technical challenge involved in reshaping and re-supplying its product portfolio.

"All Castellano marine and aviation coatings result from our own R&D," says Castellano Managing Director, Bernard Giovannoni, "A short time ago we had an urgent need to reshape some of our formulas in a way that would enable us to remove the risk provisions from our data sheets. Our objective was to upgrade our products without actually reformulating them, otherwise we would have had to ask our customers for revised product specifications and that would have presented many difficulties, both for us and them."

"Working with the technical support of Univar France, we were able to identify and obtain an ideal, safer match of raw materials for our products, without changing either the specifications of the coatings or the formulations themselves. This allowed us to eliminate the risks associated with earlier materials and, therefore, the need to state them in our technical literature. We appreciate Univar's service, its team is very responsive to our needs and we value the professionalism of their technical advice," adds Giovannoni.

According to Nicolas Lehmann, Commercial Director of Univar France: "In order to serve customers like Castellano well, one needs to be able to supply more than just a broad portfolio of chemicals. It's only when you really understand your customer's markets and requirements that you can fully support them with the specific advice they need to develop niche products."

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