The European Biopesticide Market

Frost & Sullivan Forecast High Demand for Beneficial Insects


In 2000 the total European biopesticides market was valued at $97 million. A new study from international market analysts Frost & Sullivan predicts that over the forecast period (2000-2007) the market will exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 11.7%, to reach $210 million by 2007.

Biopesticides in this new study are defined as products that have a distinct application for pest and disease control on crops and plants. The market has three sectors; microbials, beneficials and pheromones & traps and each of these groups is analysed at a European and individual country level. In 2000, the highest revenue sector was beneficials with 55% of the total market revenue.

Anna Ibbotson, Research Analyst with Frost & Sullivan adds, "as the European consumption of chemical pesticides declines, impacted by changes in environmental legislation, taxation and consumer attitudes, so the biopesticides market will become a major area of future demand ? at least in percentage terms. We will see the main increase in revenue over the forecast period being derived from the beneficials sector for use in applications such as glasshouse salad vegetables."

The northern European retail sector is driving some of the demand for biopesticides in southern Europe. For reasons including lower production costs and climate, Spain in particular has become one of the major suppliers of vegetables to the retail markets in northern Europe. Demand for biopesticides such as beneficials and pheromones for the protection of salad vegetables and soft fruit has been driven by the increasingly stringent requirements of the large northern European food retailers. This has, in turn, been driven by consumer concerns over the level of chemicals used in crop protection. Although demand for beneficial insects has reached almost 100 percent saturation in existing contained environments in Spain, the hectarage of glasshouses continues to increase and will provide improved demand in the forecast period.

Biopesticides demand will be driven by the increasing promotion of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems. These systems, promoted by local government initiatives, biopesticides manufacturers and distributors, and food retailers, are becoming increasingly important in the sustainability of demand throughout Europe. The report contains in-depth analysis of this fast growing market including: discussion of new product development; details of legislation; demand potential data; full competitive analysis including potential new entrants and market share trends; and a profile detailing the European countries in which each microbial product is both pending and approved.

Sales Contact: European Biopesticide Market (report code 3905-41) published September 2001 is available to purchase from: Frost & Sullivan, 4100 Chancellor Court, Oxford Business Park, Oxford, OX4 2GX, UK. Sales Contact: Bill Stringer +44 (0) 1865 398651,

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