UOP LLC and Total Petrochemicals to Integrate Methanol-to-Olefins and Olefin Cracking Processes

Demonstration plant in Belgium to come on stream in 2007


UOP LLC, a subsidiary of Honeywell, and Total Petrochemicals announced they have signed agreements for a joint development program to integrate technology aimed at increasing the production of light olefins, the basic chemical building blocks for many commonly used plastic products.

Under the agreements, Total Petrochemicals will construct a demonstration plant at its petrochemicals complex in Feluy, Belgium. The demonstration plant will consist of a UOP/HYDRO methanol-to-olefin (MTO) process unit and a Total Petrochemicals/UOP Olefin Cracking process unit. The integrated plant will feed an existing, large-scale polymerization pilot plant. The basic engineering for the demonstration plant is complete and detailed engineering, procurement and construction activities are scheduled for kick off prior to the end of this year. The demonstration plant is expected to come on stream in 2007. The program is anticipated to allow further optimization of the combined processes that Total Petrochemicals intends to apply to a commercial plant.

The UOP/HYDRO MTO process converts methanol to ethylene and propylene along with some heavier olefins. The Total Petrochemicals/UOP Olefin Cracking process converts these heavier olefins predominantly to propylene with some associated ethylene. By integrating the two processes, Total Petrochemicals and UOP will demonstrate a very significant increase in the production of light olefins, particularly propylene.

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