28-Feb-2006 - LGC Ltd.

LGC Forensics: New brand for joined forces of LGC´s forensic services division and Forensic Alliance

LGC has announced the new brand for the forensic dimension of its analytical and diagnostic business: LGC Forensics. This follows the acquisition of Forensic Alliance Limited (FAL) in 2005, and its subsequent merger with LGC's forensic services division. LGC Forensics is headed by Dr Angela Gallop, a Director of LGC, and is now LGC's largest division.

LGC Forensics is investing in large-scale plans to expand the capability of its forensic operations in Teddington, Culham and Cheshire, and to build up its smaller facilities at Tamworth, Leeds and elsewhere. In response to unprecedented demand for both digital and DNA analysis, extensions to these types of facilities are already underway. New, purpose-built facilities at LGC's Runcorn site - to analyse fire debris and contact traces and marks - further demonstrate its commitment to meeting customer needs across the UK.

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