BASF: Bada Plast to market small specialities of Ultramid and Ultradur resins

BASF's business unit Engineering plastics Europe has formed a production and marketing alliance-to take effect from October 15, 2001-with Bada Plast (Bühl, Germany) for its specialti grades of Ultramid® and Ultradur® engineering plastics. Under the agreement, Bada will gain the right to market small volume speciality grades throughout Europe. In addition, both companies will cooperate closely on coloured small volume resins to meet customers' specific requirements. The co-operation will enable BASF to provide solutions to it's customers also in the low-volume, specialities segment of the market. In terms of volume sold, Ultramid (PA) and Ultradur (PBT) are BASF's biggest thermoplastic engineering resins. The high-performance plastics are typically used in automotive and electrical applications, which demand materials with high mechanical strength, heat and chemical resistance and-as is the case with PBT-good dimensional stability.

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