Brookhaven's Jim Reilly Honored For Lifetime of Work in Metal Hydride Chemistry


Retired Brookhaven chemist Jim Reilly has been honored with a 2006 DOE hydrogen Program R&D Award in recognition of his lifetime contributions in hydrogen storage research and development. The award was presented at DOE's annual review of Brookhaven's hydrogen program in May.

Reilly, who received a B.S. in chemistry from Fordham University, joined Brookhaven in 1956. He served as leader of the Metal Hydride Group and deputy leader of the Chemical Sciences Division before his retirement in 1999. He continues to serve as a guest scientist for the Department of Energy.

Reilly's initial work at Brookhaven involved the development of methods for reprocessing nuclear fuel and the permanent storage of radioactive wastes. In later years, he was concerned with the properties and applications of metal hydrides, catalytic properties of metal hydrides, preparation and characterization of metal hydrides for battery applications, and preparation of nanocomposite materials via hydrogen-driven metallurgical reactions.

Said Reilly's colleague Jason Graetz, "Jim spent 40 years investigating metal hydrides, and he has over 100 publications and 18 patents in the field. For the past several years, he has been instrumental in guiding Brookhaven's investigation of alanes, aluminum hydride materials that could be used to store hydrogen on board a fuel cell-powered vehicle."

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