Degussa Announces Price Increase for Binders & Additives Methacrylate Resins


The Binders & Additives (BD) Business Line (part of the Business Unit Specialty Acrylics of Degussa AG) will implement price increases up to 8% in Europe and the Americas for its methacrylate-based resins, effective November 1st 2006, following the price increase already announced for Asia effective October 1st 2006. Degussa will fulfill existing contractual agreements.

The product lines affected are DEGALAN®, DEGACRYL® , DEGADUR®, DEGAROUTE® and ROHAGIT®. These products are currently used in a wide range of applications including marine & container coatings, printing inks, plastic coatings, architectural coatings, dental resins, plastisols, heat sealing, PVC modification as well as flooring and road marking systems.

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