CEFIC launches new research strategy to to address societal concerns and embrace REACH challenges

With the post-REACH era approaching, the chemical industry has reviewed its Long-Range Research Initiative, (LRI) strategy, to meet the critical demands of tomorrow's society more effectively and to help address priorities emerging from Environment and Health strategies. As part of its 8th LRI Annual Workshop, Cefic - the European Chemical Industry Council - has been holding a public conference to tackle these questions. This event officially launched the third phase of the LRI programme, a voluntary industry initiative that aims to increase understanding of the potential impact of chemicals on health and the environment. The workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive background to the challenges and a guide to the future directions of LRI-sponsored research. Speakers unveiled the vision, strategy and objectives of this new phase of LRI. LRI reflects the industry's ambition to promote a stronger link between science and society. The context is an important opportunity to address the future of LRI. This has resulted in a change of emphasis and a new LRI strategy, with a higher priority for three themes linked to priority issues facing the industry - e.g. tools for effective risk assessment, dealing with environment and health complexity, and new science relating to individual susceptibility and trans-generational effects. In 2007 the three focus areas will be human bio-monitoring, endocrine disruption and persistent bio-accumulative toxic substances (PBTs).

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