Whatman HemaSure is Chosen as a Supplier to the Blood Centers of America


Whatman HemaSure, a pioneer in the development of technologies that filter donated blood to reduce contaminating leukocytes, today announced that it has signed a purchase agreement with the Blood Centers of America (BCA), a cooperative of community blood centers from across the U.S., to supply its r\LS® Pre-Storage Leukoreduction Filtration System for Red Blood Cells to its members. The BCA chose the Whatman filter as an alternate to the leukoreduction filtration systems on the market.

"We chose the r\LS dockable filtration system to supplement the current offerings to our membership with a high quality red cell filter," commented Charlie Mosher of the BCA. "Whatman HemaSure has worked hard to improve this filter and we look forward to working with them."

Last week, Whatman HemaSure began shipping the r\LS filtration systems to Bonfils Blood Centers, a BCA member and a supplier to the healthcare system of the state of Colorado. This blood center holds the vision held by its founders of providing a safe, adequate blood supply for the community. The r\LS Pre-Storage Leukoreduction Filtration System is an affordable, easy-to-use system that provides blood centers with a cost-effective way to leukoreduce Red Blood Cells.

"We are extremely pleased that the BCA has chosen to work with us," states Bill Slimak, Vice President and General Manager of Whatman HemaSure. "Our partnership with the BCA and the receipt of the Bonfils order represents a firm commitment by all the parties involved to provide patients with the highest quality, safest possible blood."

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