RASCHIG buys it's Antioxidants business back


The antioxidant business of IONOL LC, 46, 530, 630 and IONOL 926 has been acquired back by RASCHIG GmbH, Ludwigshafen, Germany from Oxiris Chemicals S.A., Sant Seloni, Spain. These antioxidants are widly used in the latex, rubber, plastics, adhesives, hot melts, textiles and leather industries.

In 2002, Raschig sold the business to the former Degussa AG. Several months ago, this business segment was acquired by the financial investor Arques, and since then it has operated as Oxiris Chemicals S.A.

The addition of the Antioxidant (IONOL LC,46, 530, 630, 926) product line strengthens Raschig's existing product portfolio, which already includes special polymer additives (hydrolytic stabilizers, adhesion promoters) as well as other rubber additives.

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