Caliper Creates Specialized ACES Team to Deliver Customized Technology Solutions

Initiative to Deliver Best-In-Class Solutions for Laboratory Automation

Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. announced the Formation of its Automation, consulting, Engineering & Services (ACES) team to create customized, multi-vendor automation solutions. The ACES team includes engineers and scientists with deep experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, assay development, automation and project management. The team will work with biotech, pharmaceutical and academic R&D laboratories to create solutions that leverage existing and new technology investments from multiple vendors via one Caliper-supported, integrated solution. ACES is a first-of-its-kind initiative for Caliper. According to the company, with consolidation among industry manufacturers and a decline in the number of integration firms, customers have faced increasingly limited options for integrating their new and existing automation technologies. At the same time, mergers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry have resulted in volumes of excess, unused automation equipment. Other global manufacturers have generally rejected a vendor-neutral approach to integration, and smaller, regional companies are simply unable to supply the necessary support. Caliper stands alone in its ability to fulfill customers' needs, simultaneously advancing its liquid handling and automation technologies while accommodating the reality of today's laboratory. "We believe ACES answers the growing market demand for a solutions-provider that can give a high level of strategic insight, in-depth technological expertise and ongoing training and support," said Kevin Keras, Business Unit Manager, ACES, Caliper Life Sciences. "Not only will we build the best solution, but we'll stand behind it with worldwide customer service and training, reinforcing our role as an industry leader with an impeccable track record."

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