13-Mar-2008 - Praxair Inc.

Praxair China Supplies Oxygen for Water Treatment Projects Serving Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing Praxair Inc., an affiliate of Praxair China, has signed an oxygen supply contract with Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd (BDG). Under the contract, Praxair China will be the exclusive supplier of oxygen to three wastewater treatment plants in Beijing that will supply the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. These plants are located in the Qinghe, Beixiaohe, and Jiuxianqiao sections of Beijing.

The organizers of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have put a great emphasis on environmental friendliness. In order to improve the water quality in Beijing and save water resources, the Beijing municipal government decided to build three wastewater re-use plants, in which wastewater is treated via membrane filtration, activated carbon adsorption and an ozone de-color process.

As these plants will directly serve the Beijing Olympic Games, the requirements that BDG has put on the oxygen supplier are very strict. BDG chose Praxair China after comparing different suppliers on reliability, quality, technology and reputation. Operations have already started, and are going smoothly.

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