Encore BioRenewables joint venture creates closed-loop system to recycle used cooking oil into high-quality biodiesel

Processing plant projected to open in Southern California in 2009


Tellurian biodiesel has entered into a joint venture with Golden State Foods (GSF), one of the largest diversified suppliers to the quick-service restaurant industry, to recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel that exceeds industry specifications.

The new venture, Encore BioRenewables, plans to launch its first biodiesel production facility in Southern California in early 2009. The company plans to open additional processing plants throughout the U.S. as the market develops for their product. These plants will be sited near locations which aggregate used cooking oil from restaurants. Encore will recycle this material in the production of a more sustainable biodiesel fuel.

The high-quality biodiesel produced by this closed-loop solution will be sold to trucking companies, municipal fleets and to GSF to fuel its distribution fleet, which services its customers in the quick-service restaurant industry.

Encore BioRenewable's first plant will begin production at a rate of five million gallons of biodiesel annually. The facility's output will be expanded as American demand for renewable biodiesel continues to increase with the country's accelerated transition off of foreign oil.

In addition to used cooking oil, Encore BioRenewables will convert other recyclable domestic fats and oils into high-quality biodiesel. The company projects production of at least 100 million gallons annually, once its national network is fully operational.

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