Albemarle to Increase Prices of NcendX P-30 Phosphorus Flame Retardant


Albemarle Corporation will increase the prices of its NcendX P-30 flame retardant by 0.45 $/kg worldwide effective immediately, or as contracts allow.

"The price increase is needed to help offset the volatile and rapidly escalating costs of elemental phosphorus, a key starting material for NcendX P-30 flame retardant," said Annemie Donkers, Albemarle business manager for flame retardants for circuit boards and enclosures. "Rising logistics and energy costs are further contributors to the increase.

"During this period of instability in price and availability of elemental phosphorus, Albemarle may need to pursue further price adjustments with little notice, as contracts allow, in order to assure continuity of supply," Donkers said.

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