Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires FIBERLite Centrifuge, Inc.

Acquisition Reinforces Thermo Fisher's Portfolio of Laboratory Centrifuge Rotors


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that it has acquired FIBERLite Centrifuge, Inc., of Santa Clara, California, supplier of carbon fiber centrifuge rotors.

"We have been offering FIBERLite rotors as an alternative to aluminum and titanium rotors in our Thermo Scientific laboratory centrifuges for several years, and we have seen customer demand for the technology continue to grow," said Marijn E. Dekkers, president and chief executive officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific. "FIBERLite's patented carbon fiber rotors, along with its strong patent portfolio, will enhance our centrifugation offering and bring additional R&D capabilities."

FIBERLite, which had revenues of approximately $7 million in 2007, will be integrated into Thermo Fisher's Laboratory Products and Services Segment.

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