08-Sep-2008 - Praxair Inc.

Praxair China Signs Supply Contract with Anhui Huayi Chemical

Praxair (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has signed a long-term supply contract with Anhui HuaYi Chemical Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Shanghai HuaYi (Group) Co., Ltd., a chemical group in China supplying fine and specialty chemicals.

Under this contract, Praxair China will build another of the largest single-train air separation plants in Asia. The plant, due to start up in early 2011, will supply 3,000 tons per day of oxygen for the Wuwei coking project of Anhui HuaYi, which is located in Anhui Province, about 100 kilometers from Nanjing. At present, Praxair is constructing a similar sized plant for another Chinese customer in Jiangsu Province. Both plants will supply oxygen to gasification units which will provide feedstock to the chemical industry.

“The Wuwei coking project is a long-term investment by Anhui HuaYi and we are confident that its growth potential will lead to a future expansion of the partnership between the HuaYi Group and Praxair China,” said David Chow, president of Praxair China.

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