REACH: Rhodia Successfully Completes the Pre-Registration of Its Chemical Substances

01-Dec-2008 - France

Rhodia announced that it has completed the exhaustive pre-registration of its 736 chemical substances with the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA). The Group, which has backed this regulation from the very outset, created a team of approximately 50 people to ensure it successfully met the various deadlines.

Thanks to the adoption of a proactive approach and a resolute commitment regarding the safety of its products, Rhodia has managed to create the right conditions to transform REACH into an opportunity for the Group, according to Rhodia. Since 2006, industrial teams and support functions - Purchasing, R&D, Responsible Care, Information Systems, Legal Affairs and Finance - have been working on the definition of strategies on a product-by-product basis. This approach has enabled the Group to set up a specific communications channel with its suppliers designed to secure its supply chains and to work in partnership with several of its major customers with a view to preparing the subsequent stages in the process.

“REACH is more than a regulatory project; for Rhodia, it represents above all a business opportunity. It offers, in addition, a reference framework which will help restore the confidence of end users in chemical products,” explains Jean-Luc Ponchon, Director of the REACH Project in Rhodia.

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