25-Mar-2002 - FIZ CHEMIE Fachinformationszentrum Chemie GmbH

The SPORE database describes more than 14,000 reactions on solid phases

First Class Planning Aid for CombiChem Research

Berlin, March 2002 - With its database "SPORE" (Solid Phase Organic Reactions), Germany's "Chemistry Information Centre" (FIZ CHEMIE Berlin) has a powerful, highly current source of information for the planning of active ingredient syntheses in combinatorial chemistry. SPORE describes methods, techniques, reaction schemes and reaction data for more than 14,000 solid-phase syntheses in which at least one reactant is polymer-bound. The information is acquired from noted international chemistry journals and the patent literature.

In this database, substances are not only classified according to their standard roles of reactant, product, reagent or solvent, but also as polymer, solid support or protecting group. Because of the exact classification of the reactants and the reaction conditions and the highly structured data storage system, it is possible to retrieve data by various methods. In other words, it is not only possible to search for educts or products, but it is also possible to search for these specific reagents, solvents, solid supports or protecting groups. These features make SPORE an ideal planning aid in CombiChem research.

The inhouse database uses the ISIS information processing system of the American information specialists MDL Information Systems, Inc. SPORE is jointly produced by FIZ CHEMIE Berlin and MDL.

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