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Lehigh receives grant to reduce cost of carbon capture at coal-fired power plants

Researchers look at entire system in hopes of lowering CO2 capture costs and boosting efficiency


Lehigh University's Energy Research Center (ERC) has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop methods of recovering and reusing the heat that would be generated by the carbon-dioxide (CO2) compression process in a carbon capture system. The goal of the research ...


Engineers image nanostructure of a solid acid catalyst and boost its catalytic activity

Researchers from Lehigh and Rice universities combine electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to shed new light on a tungstated zirconia catalyst


The catalytic processes that facilitate the production of many chemicals and fuels could become much more environmentally friendly thanks to a breakthrough achieved by researchers from Lehigh and Rice Universities. In an article published Nov. 8 by the journal Nature Chemistry, the researchers ...


Researchers enlist DNA to bring carbon nanotubes’ promise closer to reality

Tailored sequences of DNA lead to breakthrough in the campaign to sort and separate CNTs


A team of researchers from DuPont and Lehigh University has reported a breakthrough in the quest to produce carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that are suitable for use in electronics, medicine and other applications. In an article published in the July 9 issue of Nature, the group says it has developed a ...


Gold-palladium nanoparticles achieve greener, smarter production of hydrogen peroxide

Processing in smaller quantities and more useful concentrations is seen


Despite its importance hydrogen peroxide has eluded the best efforts of the chemists seeking a more direct, efficient and environmentally friendly means of producing it. "Hydrogen peroxide has for decades been made by an indirect energy-intensive process," says Christopher J. Kiely, a professor ...


Engineers develop a laser solution to power plants slowed by slagging

A new optical technology uses artificial intelligence to allow operators to make rapid adjustments to prevent costly ash accumulation in boilers


Quietly, and with little of the fanfare accompanying the relentless surge in gasoline costs, the price of coal has doubled in less than a year. The reasons are varied. Worldwide demand for coal is growing sharply. Bad weather has hampered production in Australia and China. Shipping problems have ...


Scientists peel away the mystery behind gold's catalytic prowess

Bilayer clusters of atoms less than a nanometer in dimension are found to be responsible for a vital oxidation reaction


Few materials have exercised as much of a hold on the human imagination, or on human history, as has gold. But for all of its popular uses – money, medals, jewelry and more – gold's potential as a catalyst lay hidden until the 1980s, when Masatake Haruta and Graham Hutchings independently ...


Open-Sesame Time for Nanocapsules

Nanocavity skeleton altered by substitution of metal ions


Hollow spherical capsules composed of pentagonal molybdenum-oxide units stitched together by metal-ion linkers are a remarkable example of porous nanoscale objects, and have attracted much recent attention because of their potential applications in areas as diverse as catalysis and biosensing. ...


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