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Chemists discover new reactivity of strained molecules

Light energy enables the reaction of double bonds with strained single bonds to produce three-dimensional molecules


In synthetic organic chemistry, so-called cycloadditions are a particularly important class of reactions. With this type of reaction, ring-shaped molecules can be constructed simply and efficiently by joining (“adding“) two compounds that each contain double bonds. A team led by Prof. Dr. Frank ...


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Acoustic propulsion of nanomachines depends on their orientation

Particles can be used for biomedical applications


For the first time, physicists from University of Münster have simulated the propulsion of freely orientable nanoparticles by travelling ultrasound waves. They have found answers to central questions which had previously stood in the way of acoustic propulsion of nanoparticles. Microscopically ...


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"Hand in hand in hand": three catalysts solve chemical problem

Research team develops new strategy to create molecular compounds without multi-step syntheses


For organic synthesis, i.e. for the production of carbon-based compounds, it is important to develop synthesis processes by which the desired product can be obtained in good yield. At the same time, the processes should be sustainable: for example, they should use environmentally friendly and ...


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Recycling Already Considered in the Development of New Battery Materials

Circular Economy: Challenges and Future Approaches for Battery Recycling


Enormous potential consists in the circular value chain of batteries. A review article on battery recycling provides an overview of the challenges of new material concepts for battery recycling and “Design for Recycling” as a promising approach of a sustainable battery economy. Enormous ...


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Researchers Decode Reaction Mechanisms During Interphase Formation in Lithium Batteries

Origin of the Decomposition Product Methane More Complex Than Previously Assumed


Understanding all processes and reactions inside the lithium-ion battery in detail is essential for its further development. Especially interphases, which strongly influence the performance, safety and service life of energy storage systems, are still insufficiently investigated. They are ...


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“Sustainable tires through dandelions – innovations from biology, technology and agriculture” joint research project shows that a new, alternative raw material supply is possible

Team of Continental, Fraunhofer IME and the University of Münster Nominated for Federal President's Award


Dr. Carla Recker (Continental), Prof. Dr. Dirk Prüfer (University of Münster) and Dr. Christian Schulze Gronover (Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME) have been nominated for the Federal President's Award for Technology and Innovation 2021 (“Deutscher Zukunftspreis ...


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High-resolution microscope built from LEGO and bits of phone

Research shows constructing microscope improves children’s understanding - enlightening, educational and fun


Microscopy is an essential tool in many fields of science and medicine. However, many groups have limited access to this technology due to its cost and fragility. Now, researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Münster have succeeded in building a high-resolution microscope using nothing ...


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New method for molecular functionalization of surfaces

Stable and ordered single molecule layers on silicon through self-assembly


An interdisciplinary team of researchers has succeeded in depositing nitrogen-containing organic molecules as a highly ordered layer on silicon. This opens up new perspectives for the development of more powerful semiconductor materials, which can be used, for example, in computers, photovoltaics ...


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Breakthrough in the production of three-dimensional molecular structures

New dimensions in organic chemistry through light-mediated synthesis


A major goal of organic and medicinal chemistry in recent decades has been the rapid synthesis of three-dimensional molecules for the development of new drugs. These drug candidates exhibit a variety of improved properties compared to predominantly flat molecular structures, which are reflected ...


Researchers first to link silicon atoms on surfaces

First time to produce a silicon polymer


A team consisting of various working groups from the fields of chemistry and physics are now the first to have linked silicon atoms on surfaces. From silicon polymers, the researchers hope for innovative material properties and new, promising candidates for potential applications. Materials such ...


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