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Chemist created a niobium-silica catalyst to boost petrochemical reactions

Catalyst reduces the time of alkylation reactions from several hours to just 10 minutes


Alkylation reactions are used in the petrochemical industry to obtain high-octane number components for gasolines. A chemist from RUDN University found a way to speed this process up to 24 times. To do so, he developed a catalyst based on silica and niobium. The results of his work were published ...


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Turning alcohols into alkylating agents

Taking a cue from nature


Researchers at Princeton have developed a dual catalyst system that directly installs alkyl groups onto heteroarenes. The new reaction uses simple and abundant alcohols and offers a milder and more widely applicable alternative to existing strategies. The reported transformation is the first to ...


Song receives ACS's Henry H. Storch Award in Fuel Chemistry


Chunshan Song, Distinguished Professor of fuel science and director of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Energy Institute, Penn State, received the Henry H. Storch Award in Fuel Chemistry. The award in recognized Song's outstanding contributions to fuel science, especially in clean ...


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Creating chiral carbons


South Korean scientists have developed a racemisation-resistant substrate that can be selectively alkylated to make new chiral carbon centres. Although there are many ways to make chiral carbon centres by alkylating carbonyl compounds, until now scientists have been unable to asymmetrically ...


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Chemistry for a Raney day


Spanish and Mexican scientists have stumbled across a new way to monoalkylate amines that they claim is more environmentally friendly than alternative routes. José García Ruano, at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and colleagues were using Raney nickel to cleave nitrogen–sulfur bonds in ...


Albemarle Corporation offers EUR 625 million for Akzo Nobel's refinery Catalysts business


Akzo Nobel has received an offer from Albemarle Corporation for the sale of its refinery Catalysts business for EUR 625 million, free of cash and debt. Akzo Nobel announced its intention to divest this business in September 2003 in order to create more room to maneuver for the Company. Closing of ...


Arch Chemicals Completes Sale of Sulfuric Acid Business


Arch Chemicals, Inc. completed the sale of substantially all of the net assets of its Sulfuric Acid business to Peak Sulfur, Inc. on July 2, 2003. Relevant terms of the transaction will be disclosed at a later date. The Sulfuric Acid business had sales of approximately $34 million in 2002. The ...


CMAI Has Completed the 2003 World Butylenes/MTBE Analysis


CMAI, Chemical Market Associates, Inc., recently completed a new C4 Olefins study, the 2003 World Butylenes/MTBE Analysis, consisting of analyses and forecasts for MTBE, butene-1, contained isobutylenes, and contained normal butylenes. This study provides detailed analysis and information on ...


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