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Chemicals in the environment: A focus on mixtures

Combined chemical and bioanalytical methods are able to efficiently characterise chemical mixtures


In the past, it was sufficient to identify individual chemicals as the cause of detrimental effects on humans and the environment. But in the meantime, it has become apparent that this approach falls short of the mark. This is because the real world is marked by multiple stressors, among them ...


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Testing chemicals without animal testing on rodents

Replacement method with locusts to test whether chemicals cause neurological developmental disorders in children


In recent years, the number of neurological developmental disorders in children has increased. Epidemiological data suggest that lifestyle factors and chemicals used in our environment contribute to this. Scientists from the Institute of Physiology and Cell Biology at the University of Veterinary ...


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Developing a catalytic conveyor belt


Capitalizing on previous studies in self-powered chemo-mechanical movement, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering and Penn State University's Department of Chemistry have developed a novel method of transporting particles that utilizes chemical reactions to ...


New compounds discovered that are hundreds of times more mutagenic


Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered novel compounds produced by certain types of chemical reactions – such as those found in vehicle exhaust or grilling meat - that are hundreds of times more mutagenic than their parent compounds which are known carcinogens. These compounds ...


Electrochemical sensor for coeliac disease promises easy diagnosis of gluten allergy


Researchers have developed the first example of an electrochemical immunosensor for the diagnosis of coeliac disease – a genetically determined specific immune response to the antigens present in gluten. Electrochemical immunosensors (EIs) are interesting alternatives to conventional ...


Thermo Fisher Scientific and Immundiagnostik Collaborate To Develop Mass Spectrometry-Based Clinical and Research Tools


Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and Immundiagnostik AG announced a collaboration to develop novel mass spectrometry-based assays for qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins and peptides. The goal is development of commercial assays to be widely applicable in research and routine clinical ...


Toxin detection as close as an inkjet printer


If that office inkjet printer has become just another fixture, it's time to take a fresh look at it. Similar technology may soon be used to develop paper-based biosensors that can detect certain harmful toxins that can cause food poisoning or be used as bioterrorism agents. In a paper published ...


Fisher Biosciences strengthens its reagent portfolio through acquisition of BioImage


Fisher Biosciences has acquired BioImage to expand its offering in high content screening and analysis reagent technologies. BioImage complements Fisher Biosciences' existing Cellomics business. BioImage is a leader in the field of High Content Pathway analysis, providing the life-science market ...


Sigma-Aldrich strengthens position in RNAi and cell-based assays


Sigma-Aldrich announced that it has signed a series of agreements that expands its position in the areas of RNA Interference (RNAi), gene expression and cell based assays. Sigma-Aldrich and Genospectra, developer of products to support systems biology and drug discovery efforts, have signed ...


Strategic Analysis of European High Throughput Screening Market


Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies are under constant pressure to discover and develop new therapeutics at a lesser cost and within shorter timeframes. However, with investments exceeding USD 500 million and nine out of ten candidates failing to get drug approval, pharmaceuticals and ...


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