Sigma-Aldrich strengthens position in RNAi and cell-based assays


Sigma-Aldrich announced that it has signed a series of agreements that expands its position in the areas of RNA interference (RNAi), gene expression and cell based assays. Sigma-Aldrich and Genospectra, developer of products to support systems biology and drug discovery efforts, have signed several agreements in which Sigma-Aldrich acquires a minority equity stake in Genospectra and is granted access to various Genospectra technologies.

Under the agreed upon terms Sigma-Aldrich gained access to the QuantiGene gene expression profiling assay and Genospectra's technologies for inducible siRNA, a unique nano-particle system for delivery of siRNA and other biomolecules to cells. The companies will participate in a joint program to develop new technology and products in the area of cell-based assays.

Under the terms of the agreements, Sigma-Aldrich will receive licenses to commercialize the inducible siRNA and delivery technologies and distribution rights to the QuantiGene^® product line. Sigma and Genospectra will participate in a joint development program for cell-based assays, particularly to develop novel live cell biosensor assay reagents. These reagents provide real-time data on protein activity and location in living cells, and will make an impact in the High Content Screening and Cell-Based Assay fields.

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