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OQ Chemicals Declares Force Majeure

Implements Sales Control on Oberhausen-Produced Products


Due to a technical problem in a third-party synthesis gas unit at the Oberhausen, Germany, site, raw materials to OQChemicals are currently restricted. During a regular inspection, a leakage was detected at the cylinder block in the area of the valves. Unfortunately, the compressor had to be ...


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Key advance toward production of important biofuel

MOF can efficiently separate biobutanol from the fermentation broth


An international research collaboration has taken an important step toward the commercially viable manufacture of biobutanol, an alcohol whose strong potential as a fuel for gasoline-powered engines could pave the path away from fossil fuels. The key breakthrough is the development of a new metal ...


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CO2 for a clean performance: Rheticus research project by Evonik and Siemens enters phase 2

High-value specialty chemicals produced from CO2 and water using electricity from renewable sources and bacteria


Evonik and Siemens launched their joint research project Rheticus II. The goal is to develop an efficient and powerful test plant that will use carbon dioxide and water as well as electricity from renewable sources and bacteria to produce specialty chemicals (CO2). In the Rheticus I project, the ...


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Researchers take two steps toward green fuel

Two-Step Saccharification of Rice Straw Using Solid Acid Catalysts


An international collaboration led by scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) , Japan, has developed a two-step method to more efficiently break down carbohydrates into their single sugar components, a critical process in producing green fuel. The breakdown process is ...


Useful Alcohols: Ceresana Analyzes the World Market for Solvents


Solvents play a major role in industrial production: They can dissolve, dilute, and, in a very fine distribution, absorb other substances without changing them chemically. Solvents (sometimes also called dissolvents) are mainly used in the paints and varnishes, print inks, and adhesives industry ...


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Breaking the chain

Catalyzing a green future for chemistry


The fight against climate change is a call-to-arms for industry. We currently rely on fossil fuels, a major source of the greenhouse gas CO2 , not only for energy but also to create chemicals for manufacturing. To ween our economies off this dependency, we must find a new source of "green" raw ...


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Fuel and chemicals from steel plant exhaust gases


Carbon monoxide-rich exhaust gases from steel plants are only being reclaimed to a minor extent as power or heat. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new recycling process for this materially unused carbon resource: They successfully produced fuel and specialty chemicals from these exhaust ...


Oxea announces price increases for solvents


Oxea will increase off-list prices on the following products effective March 1, 2013, or as contracts allow: USA, Canada, and Mexico March 1, 2013 Increase List Price (Zone 1) Product US$/lb US$/lb i/n Butanol $0.05 $1.78 i/n Butyl ...


Oxea announces price increases for solvents


Oxea will increase off-list prices on the following products effective February 15, 2013, or as contracts allow: USA, Canada, and Mexico Product February 15, 2013 Increase List Price (Zone 1) US$/lb US$/lb i/n Butanol $0.05 $1.78 n ...


Oxea announces sales control on intermediates in the Americas


Effective immediately Oxea will implement a 100% sales control in North and South America on the following Intermediates line products effective until further notice. The sales control will be based on the average monthly consumption over the last 6 months or as allowed by ...


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