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Building scaffolds using exotic elements: Research team succeeds in creating novel metal-organic frameworks


Discovered 25 years ago, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) quickly gained the aura of a “miracle material” due to their particular properties: their large inner surfaces and tuneable pore sizes facilitate improved applications, for example in materials separation and gas storage. While previous ...


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New magnesium superionic conductor towards lithium-free solid-state batteries

Scientists demonstrate for the first time a metal–organic framework-based magnesium ion conductor showing superionic conductivity even at room temperature


The development of highly efficient energy storage devices that can store renewable energy is crucial to a sustainable future. In today’s world, solid-state rechargeable lithium ion (Li+) batteries are the state of the art. But lithium is a rare earth metal, and society’s dependence on the ...


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Found: The ‘holy grail of catalysis’

Turning methane into methanol under ambient conditions using light


An international team of researchers, led by scientists at the University of Manchester, has developed a fast and economical method of converting methane, or natural gas, into liquid methanol at ambient temperature and pressure. The method takes place under continuous flow over a photo-catalytic ...


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On the way to cell-type materials

Physicists decode the dynamic interaction between molecular machines in metal-organic frameworks


Molecular machines control a sizeable number of fundamental processes in nature. Embedded in a cellular environment, these processes play a central role in the intracellular and intercellular transportation of molecules, as well as in muscle contraction in humans and animals. In order for the ...


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‘E-nose’ sniffs out mixtures of volatile organic compounds

Accurately distinguish xylene isomer mixtures


As paint thinner, ink and adhesives dry, they can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can negatively impact health. Typically, one of those VOCs is xylene, which exists as three isomers with the same elements but slightly different arrangements. Because the isomers are so similar, ...


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Seeing molecules inside a nanometer-sized “sardine can”!

A clever new method for observing metal-organic frameworks and guest molecule interactions, using real-time polarized infrared spectroscopy


Most people don’t think about how molecules fit in the ultra-small spaces between other molecules, but that is what Professor Masahide Takahashi’s research team do every day at Osaka Metropolitan University. They study metal-organic frameworks (MOF), composed of modularly arranged metal ions and ...


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Step toward a Circular Economy?

Catalytic deconstruction of PET with zirconium metal–organic framework


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most common plastics. Discarded PET most often ends up in landfills or in the environment because the rate of recycling remains low. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, a research team has now reported a zirconium-based metal–organic framework material ...


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New materials for storing flammable industrial gases


How do I store more, and better? This summarizes the challenge of transporting flammable gases. To ensure industrial safety, these gases must be handled at defined temperature and pressure conditions that do not allow for optimal storage and release cycles. Existing porous materials can ...


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Flexible quantum sieve filters the fuel of Starship Enterprise

A novel separation mechanism for the hydrogen isotopes developed


Deuterium, the heavy brother of hydrogen, is considered a promising material of the future – because of its wide range of applications: in science, for energy generation, or in the production of pharmaceuticals. However, the extraction of deuterium from its natural isotope mixture has so far been ...


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Method efficiently breaks down plastic bottles into component parts

Researchers first to demonstrate use of metal-organic frameworks to degrade plastics


What if the life cycle of the plastic bottle was circular? Where a used plastic bottle was returned to its original components, ready to be made into a new plastic bottle instead of possibly ending up in a landfill. A Northwestern University research team is the first to demonstrate that a ...


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