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A novel concept for photovoltaics


The group of Prof. Yana Vaynzof at the Integrated Center for Physics and Photonic Materials (IAPP) and the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) at Technische Universität Dresden has demonstrated a novel concept for solar cells, that exploits the ability of materials to exist in ...


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Discovery of gold nanocluster 'double' hints at other shape-changing particles


Chemically the same, graphite and diamonds are as physically distinct as two minerals can be, one opaque and soft, the other translucent and hard. What makes them unique is their differing arrangement of carbon atoms. Polymorphs, or materials with the same composition but different structures, ...


Making a smart material smarter

Researchers are manipulating vanadium dioxide, making it useable in small size


"My research team works on integrating smart materials in small devices and systems," said Nelson Sepulveda, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering who is heading up the work. "Think about shrinking a robot and making it fit inside a human hair." More recently, the MSU ...


Right first time: Pioneering new methods of drug manufacture


Engineers at the University of Leeds have developed a simple technology which can be used in existing chemical reactors to ensure "right first time" drug crystal formation. Ensuring drug crystals are formed correctly is crucial to their efficacy and the efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturers' ...


Scientists in Spain Develop a Panel of Genetic Markers for Tracing Meat from Farm to Fork

Researchers collaborate with Applied Biosystems to validate specific genetic polymorphisms for identifying individual pigs from commercial breeds


Scientists at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, have developed and validated an identity test that can be used to confirm the breed and origin of meat from farm animals. The test was developed in collaboration with Applied Biosystems , an Applera Corporation business, and uses a ...


How Does Aspirin Crystallize?

Two different crystalline forms of aspirin in intergrown domains


When you get a headache, you probably reach for aspirin. What is giving researchers a headache is the question of the crystal structure of aspirin. Is there another form on top of the long-known one? A team of scientists from Denmark, Germany, and India seems to have solved this controversial ...


Agilent Technologies forms advisory board for life sciences


Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the formation of a Life Sciences Strategy Advisory Board (LS SAB) which is focused on helping the company identify and evaluate technologies and applications that could have the most benefit to customers. The first four members of the board were selected from a ...


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