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chemPUR Feinchemikalien und Forschungsbedarf GmbH, Germany

ChemPur delivers more than 3,500 metals and compounds, inorganic specialty chemicals, nano powder, as well as more than 100,000 organic intermediates. Our range of products include precious metal compounds and rare earth compounds, precious metal semi-finished products, sputtering targets from meta more

Yara GmbH & Co KG, Germany


Poletto Aldo s.r.l., Italy

Poletto Aldo s.r.l. produces a wide range of products, specifically designed products each market area and developed to match the needs of electronics, electroplatings, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, waste treatments, chemical analysis labs and much more. more

Products Nitrate

AQ700 - A Discrete Analyser with high throuput and walk away time

Advanced robotics for faster standard and sample preparation/hour ✓ Fastest start-up with the most automation and flexibility ✓ Highest capacity - more samples and more reagents equal longer walk-away time ✓ more

News Nitrate

  • Combining sunlight and wastewater nitrate to make the world’s No. 2 chemical

    Engineers at the University of Illinois Chicago have created a solar-powered electrochemical reaction that not only uses wastewater to make ammonia — the second most-produced chemical in the world — but also achieves a solar-to-fuel efficiency that is 10 times better than any other comparable techno more

  • Urban grime releases air pollutant when exposed to sunlight

    In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that natural sunlight triggers the release of smog-forming nitrogen oxide compounds from the grime that typically coats buildings, statues and other outdoor surfaces in urban areas. The finding confirms previous laboratory work using simulate more

  • Making a better nitrate test kit

    The dull black plastic of the device on Joshua Pearce's desk belies its usefulness. Pearce picks up the box, which has a switch on the side and a small opening on top. A handful of vials sit in a bag nearby, and each would fit snugly in the opening. The set-up seems generic, even bland, except that more

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Nitrate map of the nitrate ion. Areas coloured red are lower in energy than areas coloured yellow. The oxygen atoms carry the majority of the negative charge. In inorganic chemistry , a nitrate is a salt of nitric acid with an ion compo ... more


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