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  • Urban grime releases air pollutant when exposed to sunlight

    In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have determined that natural sunlight triggers the release of smog-forming nitrogen oxide compounds from the grime that typically coats buildings, statues and other outdoor surfaces in urban areas. The finding confirms previous laboratory work using simulate more

  • Making a better nitrate test kit

    The dull black plastic of the device on Joshua Pearce's desk belies its usefulness. Pearce picks up the box, which has a switch on the side and a small opening on top. A handful of vials sit in a bag nearby, and each would fit snugly in the opening. The set-up seems generic, even bland, except that more

  • Why food quality will suffer with rising CO2

    For the first time, a field test has demonstrated that elevated levels of carbon dioxide inhibit plants' assimilation of nitrate into proteins, indicating that the nutritional quality of food crops is at risk as climate change intensifies. Findings from this wheat field-test study, led by a UC Davis more

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  • Egypt Petrochemicals Report Q2 2011

    Progress on Carbon Holdings’ proposed petrochemicals plant should led to a significant increase in Egyptian olefins and PE capacities in 2015, but in the mean time the country’s plastic converters will be reliant on imports, according to BMI’s latest Egypt Petrochemicals Report. In 2010, Egypt had more

  • Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Co. (ABUK) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Abu Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries Co. (AFC) is one of the leading producers and marketer of nitrogen fertilizers in Egypt. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, which includes prilled urea, prilled urea treated with zinc sulfate, granulated ammonium nitrate, liquid ammonia, more

  • JSC Acron (AKRN) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    JSC Acron (Acron) is a company based in Russian Federation, engaged in the manufacture of mineral fertilizers. The product portfolio of the company comprises of: mineral fertilizers like ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers and complex fertilizers; organic compounds like methanol, formaldehyde and urea-for more

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  • Polar and a potential drinking water hazard

    In Germany, drinking water supplies are plentiful and generally of a high quality. Drinking water is in Germany most commonly produced from groundwater (69.6 %), with a further 12.4 % being taken from lakes and dam reservoirs. The proportion of drinking water processed from bank filtration is about 7.8 %. more



Nitrate map of the nitrate ion. Areas coloured red are lower in energy than areas coloured yellow. The oxygen atoms carry the majority of the negative charge. In inorganic chemistry , a nitrate is a salt of nitric acid with an ion compo ... more


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