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Polymer Chemistry

Companies Polymer Chemistry

Chemspeed Technologies AG, Switzerland

Chemspeed is a global leader in the development of innovative instruments and consumables for scientists working in research and development laboratories including a line of fully automated parallel synthesizers, instruments for high throughput solid dispensing and liquid handling, and workstations more

News Polymer Chemistry

  • Evonik wants to make green hydrogen more affordable

    Green hydrogen is a beacon of hope in the energy transition, both as a carbon-free fuel for industry and transportation, and as a key raw material for the chemical industry. Green hydrogen is produced from water by electrolysis using electricity generated from renewable resources. It is still much m more

  • Nouryon announces new structure to support growth strategy

    Nouryon has announced a new organizational model as part of its strategy to accelerate growth and drive performance improvement. The new model, which will take effect January 1, 2020, is organized around three market-focused Businesses supported by a centralized Operations and Functional structure. more

  • Evonik acquires US-based startup Structured Polymers

    Evonik has acquired Structured Polymers Inc., a US-based technology startup for 3D printing materials headquartered in Austin, Texas. A corresponding agreement and plan of merger was executed and the transaction has been closed recently. The acquisition will provide Evonik access to a new patented t more

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Videos Polymer Chemistry

2-D layered devices can self-assemble with precision

Video shows layered, self-assembled graphene oxide sheets with synthetic proteins patterned on squid ring teeth made into an actuator with substantial curvature. The second segment shows the same device using graphene oxide only. There is no movement.Credit: Melik Demirel,/Penn State. more

Infographics Polymer Chemistry

The Chemistry of Contact Lenses

For objects that essentially look like thin plastic films, there’s a surprising amount of chemistry behind contact lenses. This chemistry is designed to maximise comfort whilst they are being worn, and as such it’s also been constantly evolving and improving. Today’s post takes a look at some of the more

Publications Polymer Chemistry

  • Controlled random copolymerization of rac‐lactide and ɛ‐caprolactone by well‐designed phenoxyimine Al complexes

    ABSTRACT The random copolymers poly(LA‐ran‐CL) have improved properties of degradability, mechanical strength, elasticity, and permeability over the PLA and PCL homopolymers. However, the synthesis of such copolymers is still a great challenge in polymer chemistry. In this contribution, we devel more

  • A little zinc makes the rings all link

    Polymer Chemistry Although polymer strands are often informally called chains, molecular topologies that actually resemble extended macroscopic chain links have proven surprisingly challenging to make. Most approaches have settled for tethering pairs of interlocked rings amid spacer segments. Wu et more

  • Routes to greener plastics

    Polymer Chemistry Plastics are mostly produced from fossil fuel resources and are often discarded after short-term use (see the Editorial by MacArthur). In a Perspective, Hillmyer discusses two routes toward more sustainable plastics: (i) production of the monomer building blocks of commodity more

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Authors Polymer Chemistry

  • Prof. Dr. Junji Kido

    born in 1959, is a full professor of Department of Organic Device Engineering at Yamagata University. He received his PhD in polymer chemistry from Polytechnic University, New York, in 1989. From 2003 to 2010, Kido served as the general director of the Research Institute for Organic Electronics foun more

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