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Powerful, safe, flexible: Compact lab washers with intelligent wash system

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Greater capacity - Up to 260 injector nozzles, saving time, space and costs


Greater hygiene - Excellent cleaning performance thanks to a variable-speed pump for perfect spray pressure


Greater flexibility - New, modular basket concept offers maximum flexibility thanks to EasyLoad

Developed for the reprocessing of laboratory glassware for analytical experiments

The compact lab washers from the PG 85 series offer high-class performance and consume less water, energy and process chemicals. This is the result of an intelligent and innovative water circulation system which adjusts the spray pressure in each individual programme phase to specific requirements. This saves both time and energy. 

In drying laboratory glassware, these machines combine efficiency with user convenience. On models with EcoDry, the door opens automatically at the end of each programme. This ensures the load dries and cools down fast.

On models with DryPlus, moisture remaining in the cabinet is absorbed by the heated drying air and expelled to atmosphere via the particularly efficient steam condenser.

Additional convenience and excellent ergonomics is offered by the new and patented salt container which has now been relocated from inside the chamber to the door.

The undercounter models also feature the EasyLoad modular load carrier system to accommodate laboratory glassware of all shapes and sizes. This ensures the ultimate in reprocessing flexibility. Never before has loading been as simple as with EasyLoad!

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