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Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Very Small Flow Rates

Independent of Liquid Properties

ES-FLOW Ultrasonic flow meter

The new Bronkhorst® ES-FLOW is designed to measure tiny volume flows (from 4 to 1500 ml/min based on H2O) using ultrasound in a small bore tube. A wide range of clear liquids can be measured independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity.

Due to the combination of a straight sensor tube with zero dead volume, self-drainability, orbital TIG-welding and hygienic connections, this flow meter can be used for hygienic applications. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, except for the rubber gaskets at the Triclamp or flange connections. The exterior design is according to IP67. For non-hygienic applications, the instruments can also be equipped with compression type fittings.
The user interface is a capacitive touchscreen with a TFT display to operate and readout the instrument. The on-board PID controller can be used to drive a control valve or pump for precise batch or continuous dosing of samples or additives.

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    Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Very Small Flow Rates

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