30-Day Free Trial: Software for Calculating Characteristic Color Values from UV/Vis Spectra

The Top 3 Advantages

UV/Vis colorimetry and result comparison according to state of the art regulations from 2018


Supports numerous illuminants covering broad area of applications


Easy to use user interface and clearly arranged results for most efficient sample analysis

Your ideal companion in forensic, surface, painting, coating and damage analysis

After choosing your illuminant and CIE standard observer your UV/Vis spectrum covering the spectral range 360-830 nm is analyzed fully automatic. Custom illuminants and various spectral data resolutions are supported as well for your convenience!

Tristimulus and chromaticity coordinates are calculated from your spectrum. They are transformed into several color spaces. Additional characteristic values such as the Gardner and Hazen/APHA color index are calulated.

All results are displayed at a glance together with chromaticity diagrams in a comprehensive interactive report.
The report can be printed out or saved for your files.

The whole evaluation takes just a few seconds. Multiple spectra can be analyzed in a single shot.

Try and buy! This is our philosophy. Download an try our Colorimetry software for a free 30 days evaluation period. Contact us now to get your personal download today.

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  • damage analysis

  • UV/Vis spectra

  • chromaticity

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