Analytical balances: Pioneer PX

Never before has a low-cost balance been such a good long-term investment

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Top performance & reliable results even with temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic fields

Balance can be operated without reading the manual, thanks to the intelligent two-line display

Internal calibration saves time and money by eliminating the need for separate calibration weights

Accurate results every time - even when exposed to temperature fluctuations & electromagnetic fields

What you can expect from the Pioneer PX analytical and precision balances is the feeling of being surprised by a low-cost product’s high-quality workmanship when taking it into your hands. When you feel the solid metal base, you know that this is not just any balance: it is an entry-level model that has been equipped with premium features.
Pioneer PX balances are both high-performance and extremely economical – ideal for laboratory, industrial and education applications, from weighing to piece counting to density determination. The robust design and replaceable protective cover make your balance a lasting companion that will save you money over time. The two-line display shows all the important instructions – so you don't really need the manual. Each load cell is QC tested under the exact same conditions as our high-end Explorer balances, making them highly reliable even when exposed to temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic fields. And thanks to their removable sliding doors, cleaning is amazingly easy.
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The Pioneer PX precision balance with its intelligent display makes piece counting so easy. Let yourself be guided step by step.


The antistatic bar attached to the top of the draft shield makes it easy to ground yourself before weighing.


The balance is easy to connect to printers and other peripheral devices. Print results can be conveniently imported to a PC.


The Pioneer PX analytical balance also allows you to perform density determination, percentage weighing or dynamic weighing easily and accurately.


The PX offers high accuracy and repeatability for basic weighing applications in laboratories, industry and education at an affordable price.

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Analytical balances: Pioneer PX

Never before has a low-cost balance been such a good long-term investment