Analytical balances with outstanding weighing performance, as easy to use as a smartphone

The Top 3 Advantages

Intuitive operation via icons like on your smartphone: high performance meets ease of use


Less lab space needed, thanks to cleverly designed sliding doors and removable touchscreen


Maximum data integrity and absolute traceability, thanks to four-level user management, system log and min weight enforcement

These space-saving analytical and semi-micro balances are surprisingly intuitive to use

Weighing can hardly get more intuitive: the OHAUS analytical balances stand out for their unsurpassed ease of use, exceptional accuracy and longevity. The Adventurer balances offer amazing versatility and flexibility for even the most demanding routine tasks in the lab and in industry. If you operate in a regulated environment and require full traceability, the Explorer family of analytical and semi-micro balances will keep you on the safe side at audits. Their individually programmable infrared sensors also allow you to perform recurring activities such as automatically opening the doors without contact – and without delay.

Thanks to its temperature sensor, OHAUS’ signature AutoCal automatic internal calibration system ensures that the balance delivers reliable weighing values at all times, even when the ambient temperature changes. Explorer semi-micro balances can even be equipped with an ionizer to minimize static charge. From economical entry-level to high-end balances, you'll find what you're looking for at OHAUS.

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  • checkweighing

  • density determination

  • weighing

  • percent weighing

  • piece counting

  • dynamic weighing

  • Differential weighing

  • pipette testing

  • pipette adjustment

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