In Situ Image Analysis for Particle Systems in Real Time – Made Easy

The Top 3 Advantages

New experimental insights: Expand your understanding of processes with high-resolution images


Powerful analytics: Process monitoring or particle determination with special algorithms


Breakthrough ease of use: slim, lightweight probe and effortless plug-and-play

High-resolution images of crystals, particles and droplets under process conditions

The probe-based imaging tool EasyViewer from METTLER TOLEDO captures high-resolution images of crystals, particles and droplets under the direct influence of changing process parameters.

EasyViewer with iC Vision offers scientists a platform to collect images and information and to answer key questions of process development by image analysis algorithms.

The EasyViewer can also be combined with various EasyMax laboratory reactors, such as the EasyMax LowTemp, to capture images over a variable temperature range of -20 to +135 °C (EasyViewer 100) or -80 to +100 °C (EasyViewer 400). In contrast to conventional devices with discrete temperatures at 0 °C, -21 °C (sodium chloride in ice) and -78 °C (acetone/dry ice), the new EasyMax LT, for example, precisely controls experiment conditions in a temperature range from -90 to +80 °C, unattended.

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